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Blaisdon Red

Blaison Red is one of the best English cooking plums. The plums are large, with a sharp flavour - not pleasant for eating fresh, but transformed by cooking.

The jam will have a bright red colour from the skins.


Prunus domestica

Blaisdon Red plums for cooking for sale

  • 1-year maiden bare-root tree 33.45
    Brompton rootstock
    Full size size (4.5m-6m after 10 years)
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How to grow

Blaisdon Red is easy to grow, and a heavy-cropper.


Blaisdon Red originates from the village of Blaison in Gloucestershire, a well-known plum-growing area.

Blaisdon Red characteristics

  • Gardening skillBeginner
  • Self-fertilityNot self-fertile
  • Flowering group3
  • Bearing regularityRegular
  • Picking seasonMid
  • CroppingHeavy
  • Keeping1 week
  • Useful forCulinary
  • Disease resistanceGood
  • Bacterial cankerSome resistance
  • SilverleafSome resistance
  • Climate typeTemperate climatesMild damp climates
  • Country of originUnited Kingdom
  • Flower colourWhite
  • Fruit colourPurple - lightRed - dark
  • Fruit sizeLarge