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Dessert pears

Dessert pears are used for eating fresh, and are amongst the sweetest and most luxurious of all temperate fruits.

  • Beth dessert pear trees
    An easy and reliable early-season pear, with a very good melting flavour.
  • Beurre Hardy dessert pear trees
    A classic French pear with a very good flavour, but grows best in a warm sheltered situation.
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  • Clapps Favourite dessert pear trees
    An attractive red-flushed early-season pear from the USA.
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    Concorde dessert pear trees
    A marriage of Conference and Comice - Concorde is easy to grow, heavy crops, excellent flavour.
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    Conference dessert pear trees
    A popular and reliable English pear, Conference is perfectly suited to the English climate.
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    Doyenne du Comice dessert pear trees
    Doyenne du Comice is arguably the best flavoured of all pears.
  • Fondante d'Automne dessert pear trees
    An old fashioned French pear with a notably sweet flavour.
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    A traditional 18th century Belgian pear with a notably rich sweet flavour.
  • A reliable early 20th century American pear, with a sweet creamy flesh.
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    Humbug is an unusual pear variety, the fruits have distinctive green and yellow stripes.
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    Invincible dessert pear trees
    Invincible is a good-flavour pear which can cope with more difficult conditions than most pears.
  • Josephine de Malines dessert pear trees
    A classic 19th century winter pear with a high quality flavour.
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    Louise Bonne of Jersey dessert pear trees
    An attractive red-flushed French pear variety with sweet melting flesh.
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    Merton Pride dessert pear trees
    One of the best English pears, with a notably juicy buttery flesh.
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    Moonglow dessert pear trees
    A high quality early season dessert and culinary pear, very resistant to fireblight.
  • A useful dwarf pear tree for small gardens, it grows with a tidy upright habit and is self-fertile.
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    Onward dessert pear trees
    Onward is high quality dessert pear, related to Doyenne du Comice but easier to grow.
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    Perhaps the best known Australian pear, producing large quantities of small but sweet-flavoured pears.
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    Sensation dessert pear trees
    A red-coloured sport of the popular Williams pear.
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    Williams dessert pear trees
    Williams is a classic English pear, also known as Bartlett, with good flavour and quite easy to grow.
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    Winter Nelis dessert pear trees
    A late-season dessert pear from Belgium, with an excellent sweet flavour.