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Snow Goose

Snow Goose is an attractive flowering cherry tree, characterised by its particularly large single white flowers, which appear ahead of the leaves.

The green leaves turn orange in the autumn.

Snow Goose grows with a fairly compact vertical habit, making it a good choice for small gardens. Although not a true fastigiate or columnar tree, its branches rise upwards, taking up little space.

Prunus incisa x speciosa

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How to grow

Like most forms of Prunus incisa, Snow Goose is well-suited to growing in a patio container or planter.


Snow Goose is a cross between Prunus speciosa (the Oshima cherry) and Prunus incisa (the Fuji cherry) and was developed in Holland in the 1970s. It is sometimes confused with Prunus 'Umineko' - a sister variety which shares the same parentage (and looks similar) and was developed by the English enthusiast Collingwood Ingram in the 1920s. Snow Goose can be distinguished by its slightly larger leaves.

The flowers are also somewhat similar to the Yoshino cherry, to which it is related - it too is descended from the Oshima cherry.

Snow Goose characteristics

  • Gardening skillBeginner
  • Disease resistanceGood
  • Country of originNetherlands
  • Period of origin1950 - 1999
  • Flower colourWhite