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Flowering cherries

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    Accolade flowering cherry
    An impressive spreading ornamental cherry tree, with light pink double-flowers.
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    A popular columnar flowering cherry, also known as the Flagpole Cherry.
  • A Japanese flowering cherry with light pink blossom, can sometimes flower through the whole winter.
  • A Japanese flowering cherry, notable for its large pink double flowers.
  • Named after the copper-brown colour of the young leaves which contrast with the large white flowers.
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    A small weeping ornamental cherry tree, ideal for small gardens.
  • A traditional double-flowered Japanese flowering cherry.
  • Gyoiko is a pleasing Japanese flowering cherry tree, featuring unusual cream-coloured blossom.
  • This graceful flowering cherry is notable for its long-lived white blossom.
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    A modern Japanese flowering cherry, also known as Pink Parasol, which features large double-flower pink blossom.
  • Hokusai is a traditional Japanese pink blossom cherry tree.
  • A small upright flowering cherry tree with large pink-tinted white blossom.
  • An attractive medium-sized Japanese cherry blossom tree, with classic double shell pink flowers.
  • This new and relatively unknown flowering cherry features stunning pink blossom and fiery autumn colours.
  • Kanzan (or Kwanzan) is one of the most popular Japanese flowering cherries, well-suited to the UK climate.
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    This is the classic Japanese weeping pink cherry blossom tree (sometimes known as Cheal's Weeping Cherry).
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    A small ornamental early-flowing cherry tree, with profuse blossom.
  • A popular flowering cherry-plum tree, with dark purple leaves and pale pink blossom.
  • Okame is a small hardy blossom tree featuring shell-pink single flowers and attractive autumn colours.
  • An excellent small flowering cherry, with pale pink blossom, and interesting leaf colour in both spring and autumn.
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    The definitive pink blossom tree, offers a long-lasting display of pink double flowers.
  • This perfectly named flowering cherry features clusters of pink blossom hanging like pink shells.
  • A columnar flowering cherry, often called the Tassel Cherry because of unusual shape of its white flowers.
  • The Yoshino cherry. A graceful flowering cherry with white-pink blossom, which is the national flower of Japan.
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    Royal Burgundy is a flowering cherry, related to Prunus Kanzan with striking red purple foliage combined with double pink flowers.
  • Shirofugen is a traditional Japanese flowering cherry with large double-white flowers.
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    Prunus Shirotae features large single or semi-double fragrant white flowers, and is perhaps the most beautiful of the white-flowered Japanese cherries.
  • A Japanese flowering cherry with large fragrant bright white blossom, and strong autumn colours.
  • A small upright flowering cherry tree with particularly large single white flowers.
  • A compact slow-growing flowering cherry, with long weeping branches and a mass of white single flowers.
  • A Japanese flowering cherry with double-flowered white blossom borne on bare branches, followed by coppery-leaves.
  • A large flowering cherry tree with a distinctive columnar form, and large single white flowers.
  • Tilstone Hellfire is small flowering cherry tree with large single flowers, and spectacular autumn colours.
  • A weeping form of the traditional Japanese Yoshino flowing cherry.