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Crab-apple trees

Crab apples produce a mass of spring blossom, followed by attractive ornamental fruits which can also be used for cooking. We can advise on the best crab apple trees to suit your garden.

  • Aros crab-apple
    A small slow-growing upright crab-apple, with bronze-green leaves, beautiful dark pink flowers with white centres, and maroon fruits in the autumn.
    • Fruit colour: Red - dark
  • Best seller

    Evereste crab-apple
    Malus Evereste is a popular traditional crab-apple with masses of white blossom, then red-yellow fruits.
    • Fruit colour: Orange / Red
  • Golden Gem crab-apple
    A traditional crab-apple featuring a mass of white blossom in spring, followed by yellow crab apples.
    • Fruit colour: Yellow
  • Gorgeous crab-apple
    Malus Gorgeous has pink/white blossom and spherical cherry-like red fruits which are good for jelly.
    • Fruit colour: Red
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    Jelly King crab-apple
    White blossom followed by large orange-red fruits which are ideal for making crab-apple jelly.
    • Fruit colour: Orange / Red
  • John Downie crab-apple
    John Downie is a traditional crab-apple, with white blossom and orange-red fruits, ideal for making crab apple jelly.
    • Fruit colour: Orange / Red
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    Laura crab-apple
    Malus Laura is a very upright dwarf crab-apple, with bronze leaves, crimson blossom and maroon fruitlets.
  • Malus Dolgo, also known as Pink Glow, offers early-season white flowers and very attractive dark pink fruits. It is exceptionally cold-hardy.
  • Red Obelisk crab-apple
    Malus Red Obelisk is a compact upright crab-apple with white flowers, purple / green leaves, and red fruits.
    • Fruit colour: Red
  • Best seller

    Red Sentinel crab-apple
    A deservedly popular crab-apple, Malus Red Sentinel has classic white apple blossom and a profusion of tiny scarlet persistent fruits.
    • Fruit colour: Red
  • Roberts Crab crab-apple
    An unusual red-fleshed crab-apple which has large purple fruits. The juice is a claret red colour.
    • Fruit colour: Purple
  • Rosehip crab-apple
    Malus Rosehip features white blossom and large rosehip-shaped red fruits.
    • Fruit colour: Orange / Red
  • Wedding Bouquet crab-apple
    Malus Wedding Bouquet features ivory-white blossom and tiny red berry-like fruitlets.
    • Fruit colour: Red - dark

How to choose Crab-apple trees

Crab apples (Ornamental malus) are very closely related to apples, being part of the same genus Malus. The only difference between an apple and a crabapple is the size of the fruit, and it is usually considered that any apple variety with a fruit size of less than 2" is a crabapple.

Crab apple trees are grown primarily for their ornamental value. This starts in spring with a profusion of attractive blossom, which is often scented. The brightly coloured ornamental fruits hang attractively on the tree throughout autumn, providing colour in the garden and a source of food for birds. Some varieties also have attractive bronze leaves.

Most crab apples are edible - although rather unpalatable for eating fresh. However many varieties are valuable for cooking - crab apples contain large amounts of pectin, and are useful in the kitchen for making fruit jellies. Several varieties are also useful for cider blends.