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Cherry plum trees

Cherry plums are related to plums and mirabelles, and can be used for tarts and preserves.

  • Cherry plum trees


    Countess cherry plum trees
    A dark-red Cherry Plum, with sweet golden flesh, suitable for eating fresh and cooking.
  • Cherry plum trees

    Golden Sphere

    Golden Sphere cherry plum trees
    Golden Sphere is a large yellow Cherry Plum with a sweet plum-like flavour.
  • Cherry plum trees


    Gypsy cherry plum trees
    Gypsy is a bright red Cherry Plum with a notably sweet flavour.
  • Cherry plum trees


    Ruby cherry plum trees
    Ruby is a large-fruited modern Cherry Plum, with dark red flesh.

How to choose Cherry plum trees

Cherry Plums are usually categorised in the plum species - Prunus cerasifera. They are quite similar to damsons and mirabelles, and widely grown throughout Europe.

Cherry Plums are generally fully self-fertile, and flower very early in the spring. They will also cross-pollinate other plum varieties - usually only the earliest blooming - that are in flower at the same time.