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  • Scrumptious
  • Scrumptious
  • Scrumptious
  • Picking season: Early
  • Country of origin: United Kingdom
  • Self-fertility: Self-fertile
  • Flowering group: 3

Scrumptious is an excellent modern English early dessert apple, and popular in tasting tests.

The flavor is what sets this apple apart from other early apple varieties. It's a great example of how growers are once again looking at flavor as the most important characteristic in a good apple.

Scrumptious is also an easy variety to grow, and the apples can be picked over a period of a couple of weeks rather than all at once.

Scrumptious apple trees for sale

  • 11-year maiden bare-root tree 24.45
    M26 rootstock
    Medium size (2.5m-3m after 10 years)
  • 21-year maiden bare-root tree 24.45
    MM106 rootstock
    Large size (3m-4m after 10 years)
  • 31-year maiden bare-root tree 24.45
    MM111 rootstock
    Large size (3m-4m after 10 years)

How to grow

Scrumptious is a good choice for the UK garden, and was developed specially for UK gardens by the English apple breeder Hugh Ermen.

Scrumptious is self-fertile apple variety, so no pollination partner is needed, and the blossom also has some resistance to frost.

To get the full red color make sure you plant in a sunny aspect.


Kent, UK, 1980. Developed by Hugh Ermen, and related to Golden Delicious and Discovery.

Scrumptious characteristics

  • Using

    • Picking season:Early
    • Cropping:Good
    • Keeping:1 week
    • Fruit persistence:Normal ripening
    • Useful for:Eating fresh
  • Growing

    • Gardening skill:Beginner
    • Self-fertility:Self-fertile
    • Flowering group:3
    • Pollinating others:Average
    • Ploidy:Diploid
    • Vigour:Average vigour
    • Bearing regularity:Regular
    • Fruit bearing:Partial tip-bearer
  • Problems

    • Disease resistance:Average
    • Scab:Very resistant
  • Climate

    • Climate type:Temperate climates
    • Summer average maximum temperatures:Cool ( 20-24C / 68-75F)Cold (< 20C / 67F)
    • Frost resistance of blossom:Good resistance
  • Identification

    • Country of origin:United Kingdom
    • Period of origin:1950 - 1999
    • Flower colour:White
    • Fruit colour:Red
    • Awards:RHS Award of Garden Merit