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Jupter is a popular garden apple variety, and best considered as a good alternative to Cox's Orange Pippin - to which it is closely related.

It's an attractive-looking apple, with a marbled red/yellow coloring. The flavor is very good, with some of the aromatic qualities of Cox's Orange Pippin - but perhaps more robust and less delicate.

Jupiter apple trees for sale

  • 1-year maiden bare-root tree 33.45
    MM106 rootstock
    Large size (3m-4m after 10 years)
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How to grow

The main horticultural challenge is that it is a triploid variety, and therefore needs to be pollinated by 2 other apples (of different varieties) growing nearby which flower at roughly the same time. Fortunately it flowers in the middle of the apple blossom season so if there are enough other apple trees nearby pollination should be successful. In other respects Jupiter is easy to grow, and produces a large vigourous heavy-cropping tree. It also has good disease resistance.


Developed at the famous East Malling Research Station in Kent, UK, in the 1960s. Jupiter is a cross between Cox's Orange Pippin and Starking Delicious (a development of Delicious) and is thus closely related to another popular Cox-style apple, Kidd's Orange Red. Jupiter has a more robust flavour than Kidd's Orange Red.