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Nuts in general and Almonds in particular are now recognised as one of the healthiest foods, and growing your own means you can be sure you have fresh high quality almonds. Almonds have high levels of vitamin E, and contain chemicals thought to be associated with lowering cholesterol levels.

Ingrid is the only reliable Almond tree for the UK climate, and will produce well-flavored almonds if you can offer it a sunny sheltered situation. Cropping is light but it makes an interesting and unusual addition to the home orchard.

Prunus dulcis

Ingrid almond trees for sale

  • 1-year maiden bare-root tree 33.45
    Semi-vigorous rootstock
    Large size (3m-4m after 10 years)
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How to grow

Plant in the sunniest and most sheltered spot you can find. Ingrid is self-fertile so no pollinator is required. Ingrid is a reliable cropper but it flowers very early in the spring, and poor spring weather is the main limiting factor on successful almond production in the UK.

Most of our Almond trees are grafted on the St. Julien plum rootstock, and will reach similar proportions after 10 years - perhaps 3m-4m high (10ft - 14ft). As with plum trees (to which almonds are related) it is best to keep pruning to an absolute minimum.


Almonds are closely related to plums - an almond is essentially a plum where you eat the nut inside the stone, rather than the flesh.

Almonds are thought to have originated in western Asia. They are grown commercially in southern California, Spain, and Italy - and are well-suited to the Mediterreanean climate.

Ingrid characteristics

  • Gardening skillAverage
  • Self-fertilitySelf-fertile
  • CroppingLight
  • Keeping3 months or more
  • Useful forDual purpose
  • Peach leaf curlSome resistance
  • Summer average maximum temperaturesWarm (25-30C / 76-85F)Hot (>30C / 86F)